Organic tea

Drinking tea is an obsession around the world. Whether it is a builder’s teabag dipped in a mug with sugar or a carefully brewed loose leaf green tea with honey, everybody would love to have it as a drink. Even according to a study, around one hundred sixty five cups of tea is brewed every day. This is because tea has the ability to uplift, console, relax and at the same time gives people a buzz.

For many a day without a tea would make them feel disoriented and dazed. But, what is the difference of an organic tea from a non-organic one? A tea product is known to be organic if it is grown organically. To determine this kind of tea, facilities or industries must not use the following in their production or handling of tea:
• Genetic engineering
• Ionizing radiation
• Sewage sludge

Moreover, organic tea crops must be grown without the use of the following:
• Conventional pesticides
• Fertilizers that are petroleum based
• Fertilizers that are sewage-sludge based

Why Buy Organic Tea?

Buying an organic tea is much beneficial compared to the non-organic for the two most essential reasons: it can avoid toxic chemicals on your tea and at the same time, you are also protecting the environment from where tea is grown.

• Avoiding toxic chemicals

Mostly, people are unaware about how the production of tea happens. You can never know in the production of tea, as it might have been involved in dangerous and toxic chemicals commonly pesticides.

Countries that mostly grow and produce tea are China and India. The kind of environment these countries have has laidback the environmental standards as compared to environmental standards of the United States and other countries in Europe. So if used with lack of care, these chemicals can pollute teas and can cause risks to health of people drinking these teas.

Even it is said that finished product of tea is safe for the consumption of human, still the use of chemicals can pose problems in the health of people who utilize the chemicals and as well to those who live in the nearby area can be affected by these chemicals.
• Protecting the environment

Conventional agriculture can destroy the environment through overusing of fertilizers. Many nutrients pollution can be acquired from fertilizers.

As a requirement for growing tea, fertilizers are being applied because constantly, organic matter is taken away as the leaves of tea are harvested. But, the application of fertilizers that are synthetic could acidify the soil and contribute to the runoff of nitrogen. As the result, it can damage the ecosystems in rivers, streams and bays down the region where tea is grown. In addition, it can also harm fishing industries.

The use of organic fertilizers however does not solve this problem, but can greatly reduce the harmful effects of synthetic fertilizers to the environment. But the most important factor to remember when buying organic tea is buying it from your most trusted tea stores and or asking your friends first what brand is the most useful and reliable to ensure that it can never harm your health and quality of living.