Green Tea

Green tea originated from China but now associated with different and many cultures all over Asia. It is made out of leaves from Camellia sinensis, a species of plant which leaf buds and leaves are used to make tea. During its processing, green tea has undergone minimal oxidation. Many varieties of this have been produced in countries where it can grow. These varieties can differ substantially due to variable horticulture, growing conditions, harvesting time and production processing. Green tea today has as well become the unrefined substance for extracts used up in various health foods, beverages, cosmetic items and dietary supplements.

Buying Green tea

Green tea widely varies in quality and price, different aromas and flavors. So how do you choose what kind of green tea to buy? Here are some tips if you are planning to buy one:

• Buy the loose-leaf green tea

There are various reasons why loose leaf is better and superior than the tea bag. For once, when buying tea in tea bags, a large part of what you’re paying for is its packaging, whereas if you buy tea in loose leaf, what you are paying for is the leaf’s quality. Moreover, usually tea bags contain fannings, low grade products or left over dusts.

The best available tea is in the form of loose-leaf. You can even find best bargains among the loose-leaf. Although they are not much available in most stores in US, you can use the convenience of retailers online, will make the possibility of buying tea in loose-leaf form.

• Buy green tea from companies who specialize it

Companies producing tea focus on different areas and strengths. Historically, green tea is popular in Japan, China and other countries in Southeast Asia compared to UK and other European countries. So if you are to buy green tea, Japanese and Chinese teas are among the best sources of these.

• Know your variety

Tea comes in many and different varieties. Usually, generic green tea has inferior quality. The best Japanese green teas include sencha, kukicha, bancha, gyokuro, hojicha and many others. For Chinese green teas, the best choices include dragon well, chun mee, gunpowder and many more. With these many varieties, for sure, you can choose and ultimately sense what variety suits your taste well.
• Do experiments

Retailers of tea online offer samples of the tea products their selling in many different varieties you can try from. It is a very good way to experience and have a free taste of teas without even wasting or spending great amount of money. You can also search online to check blogs and website reviews about teas to be able to know and discover what brand of green tea most people prefer and the companies that produce the best green teas. But, most importantly, trying new teas will extremely help you find the best green tea you can enjoy and the most perfect for your taste buds more than reading these reviews and testimonials online.